Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Read Today - Wednesday September 5, 2012

This is from a daily eNewsletter I receive from the Missouri Society of CPAS.  It is prepared by a company by the name of armada-intel.

What Happened to Respect?

We could go on at length about the lack of respect that we give one another but the point of this diatribe is the respect that we once gave to our political leaders. I have to confess that I have been often very critical of the leaders in Congress and in the White House. It is, after all, our inalienable right to critique those we vote for and I do not for a moment suggest that we should curb our desire to critique and argue over policy. That is what a democracy is. The part that concerns and infuriates me is the utter contempt expressed by too many these days. It is one thing for an ill-educated clod to spew venom about the personal lives of the President and the other leaders. These are people who ought to be eternally grateful that they live in a nation that protects their right to be ignorant and opinionated. The comments that bother me are the ones that come from those who should know better. The issues facing the country are immense and complex and there has rarely been an election where the voter has been offered such diametrically opposed solutions. There is plenty to argue about. This makes the banal personal attacks all the more galling. I am truly tired of those that seek to attack the President’s legitimacy as a citizen or who assert that he practices a religion other than the Christian faith he has been part of his whole life. I tire of the attacks on Mitt Romney that are based on his supposed lack of personality. Joe Biden is crucified for every episode of verbal overenthusiasm and Paul Ryan is left explaining that he ran a race slower than he recalled. Have we
never had an ill-timed slip of the tongue? Have we never managed to make that routine catch in high school the one that won the game? I respect the men and women who do their best to lead 330 million of us. They are not perfect and I disagree with them on many occasions and on many issues. They are still the people we elected to be our Senators and Representatives and our President. I applaud the fact the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney want this job at all. The bottom line is that we can “respectfully disagree” and it would be better for the nation as a whole if we all adopted more of that attitude.

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